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Replacement Vinyl Windows in Salt Lake City

At HomeStar Windows and Doors, we understand that replacing vinyl windows is something most homeowners are considering. We want to help you find the best product on the market, so we offer the most reliable and energy efficient replacement vinyl windows in Salt Lake City. A new and better window is among the most important investments you can make for your home, and we are here to help you get the most of it.

Vinyl windows are durable, stylish, and energy efficient, making them the choice of our customers. While there may be several window contractors in Utah, HomeStar is among the most trusted suppliers of high quality and affordable windows in the area. We also offer vinyl patio doors and even French doors. Tell us what you need and we’ll provide and install it for you.

Big and Small Projects

Our goal is to meet the needs of our customers, whether they are building from scratch or making improvements to an existing structure. If you’re planning to install a single or multiple windows, we’re here to help. Our service starts with assisting you with choosing the right replacement home and kitchen windows. We’ll help you explore the options and learn about their benefits. Costs should not bother you, as we offer our products at competitive prices. With a little research and our help, you can easily find the replacement window that best fits your needs and budget.

Vinyl Window Installation Contractors

Installing windows is a tricky job. Leaving it to the experts will ensure you of a properly installed replacement window. We take care of everything, from measurement to installation and finishing. We take pride in being among the most trusted window installation contractors in Utah. Our commitment to providing excellent service makes us a reliable option for many homeowners. You can be sure that your new windows will last for years when you let our team install them.

Upgrading Your Home Windows

You’re probably losing heat through cracks if you’re living in an older house with standard windows that have been there for decades. Replacing them with new and better ones is a good way to solve insulation problems. We recommend our energy efficient vinyl windows for maximum heat retention. These are easy to install and can last longer than other window types, thanks to their excellent resistance to water and sunlight. It takes years for our products to fade and show signs of wear and tear. These windows are durable, economical, beautiful and maintenance free. We stock single and dual pane replacement windows in our facility. Our partnership with Milgard, a trusted window company, allows us to provide the best solutions to our clients’ needs. You can see our full list of products by browsing our inventory.

Dual Pane Replacement Windows

Dual pane or double pane windows feature two pieces of glass with a space between them. This space is typically ½”. Many installation companies recommend this type of window to homeowners who want to maximize energy usage and minimize noise. Even in homes in busy locations, dual pane windows are highly effective at keeping the home interior quiet and peaceful. If gaining more energy savings is among your primary reasons for replacing your windows, dual pane types are a great option.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Fiberglass replacement windows are also great money savers, as they can last even in harsh weather conditions. Fiberglass is a durable material used in manufacturing boats that travel through frigid saltwater. It doesn’t easily warp, crack, rot, or bend. Imagine how strong and long lasting your windows will be if they’re made of fiberglass. This material is also ideal for sliding patio doors, along with French doors and kitchen bay windows. Our fiberglass replacement windows are excellent insulators, making the appropriate for all climates.

Don’t leave your home susceptible to energy loss due to old, worn out home and kitchen windows. Browse our large selection of replacement windows to see what we have in stock for you. We’re here to help you choose the one that fits your requirements.

Contact us today to get in touch with one of our team members and get a free estimate. We would be more than willing to provide additional information and tips.