Dual Pane Fiberglass Replacement Window Costs & Installation Estimates

Dual pane windows - aka double pane windows - feature two pieces of glass with a space between them. This space is typically ½". Many window installation companies recommend dual pane windows for homeowners who want to maximize energy usage and minimize noise. Even in homes in busy locations, dual pane windows are highly effective at keeping the inside of the home peaceful. When you consider the energy savings with this type of the vinyl home window, it is easy to see how home window replacement cost can quickly be offset.

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Fiberglass replacement windows are also great money savers, as they are built to last even in harsh weather conditions. When you consider the fact that fiberglass is commonly used as a finish on boats that travel through frigid salt water, you gain a better understanding of just how strong and long lasting fiberglass dual pane windows and doors would be. This substance should not warp, crack, rot or bow. Because there is air trapped inside of fiberglass windows, they are excellent insulators and appropriate for all climates. Fiberglass is also ideal for sliding patio doors, as well as French doors and vinyl kitchen bay windows.

Don't leave your home susceptible to energy loss due to old, worn out home & kitchen windows. Contact our professional window contractors in Utah and discuss the options that will improve your home while staying within your budget.


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With the explosion of retailers doing business online, you may think it would be easier to buy replacement windows in Utah from one of these ecommerce merchants. But when it comes to vinyl home windows or patio doors in utah, do you really want to leave measurements and installation up to someone who only does business online? We are window installation contractors who serve our local Utah areas with pride of excellence. Home window prices and new window prices aren't necessarily cheaper when ordered through the internet. Moreover, working with window installers gives you confidence that our work will last for years to come.

If you live in an older home with standard windows that have been in place for decades, chances are you're losing heat through cracks. A popular way to handle this is with vinyl replacement windows. Window contractors recommend vinyl windows for the reason that they are easy to place and last the longest. They are water proof, and do very well in the sun. Even in such instances, fading would take years. Economical and beautiful, these durable windows are maintenance free once they are placed. Whether you desire single pane or dual pane, vinyl windows are an excellent option.

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At HomeStar Windows, we understand that replacing vinyl & wood windows in the home is a task homeowners give great consideration. Vinyl Replacement windows do not equal cheap windows most of the time; but new windows are one of the very best investments you can make in your home. In the one easy step of installing new vinyl house windows - perhaps dual pane or kitchen windows - the home owner or homebuilder instantly improves the appearance and efficiency of a home.

Vinyl windows are our customers #1 choice. There may be several window companies in Utah, but HomeStar Windows is a premier source for discount windows and vinyl house windows. In addition to affordable and stylish replacement windows, we also offer vinyl patio doors and even French doors in Utah. Our aim is to meet and exceed the needs of our customers, whether they are building from scratch or are making improvements to an existing structure. Whether you standard replacement windows or creating a whole wall of windows to capture the surrounding views, we've got the selection to lead you to the best home windows. Are you looking for Milgard Kitchen & Home windows in Utah? Browse our large selection.If you have questions, we are happy to provide window replacement estimates. Window costs should not concern you to the point where you are afraid to obtain pricing. With some research, and our help, you may be able to locate wholesale windows that fit your needs.